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Welcome to CleaningPicks.com

I’m Devid Ayer, the guy behind the website CleaningPicks.com.

I’ve always had a passion for Cleaning things and love to write about Cleaning.

So what did I do?

I decided to study and share my knowledge about good and natural cleaning tips & tricks, which makes a great resource.

Imagine a place where you’ll gain premium picks without any self-marketing. No bluff! No sponsored reviews! We aspire to surpass all the ordinary cleaning tools out there and bring out the ideal deal for your home appliances. And? You’ll get a full-time guide to nudge the drill right away.

Honestly, I’d never thought I would be so obsessed with vacuum cleaners and craft a whole site over it. But yes I did! Because, I went through almost every cleaning tools, spent my money like a maniac but it couldn’t even clean up my cat’s hair!

That’s why I decided to pinpoint every single site, look over their features, customer reviews, budget and mostly authenticity! Now, I have finally managed to tailor a world of ideal vacuum cleaners. Welcome to cleaningpicks the name summons the rest of it.

No wonder, you might have tried many of them but regretted overnight. Or let’s say your best friend suggested one but it couldn’t last even for a year. Everybody has been there. Trust me! Therefore, I thrive in to mount each and every fetish of yours regarding cleaning style, performance, longevity, portability, additional features, and a budget-friendly pick finally! but, I would be lying if I say “cheap” vacuum cleaners because some of them are highly-priced but eventually you’ll love yourself for spending every penny over it.

Now, most of you might want an effective cleaning bud for your stairs, in that case, an overweight vacuum cleaner will give you a lifetime back pain. That’s why I hired full-time guides to help you through the “choosing to Buy now” journey. Because trust me researching all day is like slogging your butt. Get rid of it. Now!

Our Promises

My agenda is to provide absolutely neutral and brutally honest information about the top 10 cleaners popping around the word, without any self-loathing or paid reviews. I won’t be preaching the heaven sides all the time but also you’ll get to see the deal-breaker sides of the picks. Because, some of them will be amazing, some will be just fine and some might be a proper disaster. Nothing is impossible. But, the good news is, you won’t be the unlucky one, as your buying guide will already warn you from doing any mistake.

Lastly, I would love to say that it’s better not to cry over spilt milk! Accuracy is the key here. Be accurate before actually buying anything and regret later.

Thanks for your precious time.

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